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This Great Love shines through us. We are the vessels through which Love manifests in this world. How can we not love ourselves? Every atom we are composed of came from the very same beginnings of our Universe. Knowing that how can we not love our neighbours as ourselves?

I love you. Now that you know someone loves you, can you love yourself a little more? Peace begins here, in a nurtured heart.

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Ego as Ally

The site’s Manifesto points up the dangers of ego while extolling the virtues of love. But the story isn’t all that one-sided. Forged together, love and ego can make us supple and strong.

Ego is made up of the stories we tell ourselves about the world, the reflexive conditioning of a lifetime’s experiences, and–especially–every time we’ve accepted another’s story of “this is how the world is” over our own deep knowing. It’s a whole family of sub-personalities, shifting from moment to moment in an endless dance. In most people, ego is a series of fearful constrictions, a haven of self-hate, and a well of recriminations.

And yet, we still have love. It comforts us when memories of past hurt well up in the face of present challenge. It can open us up to comfort others when they are hurting or afraid. It can transform us.

One part of my spiritual path seeks to sidestep ego entirely, living in moment to moment awareness, free of the stories and the history. It is a path of extraordinary freedom. It’s not the path I’m pointing to here. I’m pointing to a life where love is at the center and ego is an ally.

Ego’s collection of stories, when held with love, is a powerful tool. It’s an extraordinary detector of weakness, both in ourselves and others. It can guide us to our places that need healing. It can hear another struggling in the grip of their own ego and find common ground. It can lead us to empathy and compassion.

Take a breath. Notice if something in you struggles with those words, notice if something longs to be touched and held. Take another breath, slower. Soften. Gaze on that part with tenderness and understanding. Stay with it a few breaths and see if something shifts. (Did you sigh?)

This is how the healing begins, with patient awareness and flowing breath. This is how reactions soften into reminders, fear becomes a guide into growth, and ego turns to ally. This is the training ground for love’s warriors.

Fighting for Love

Most of the people I think of as Love’s Warriors didn’t know that’s what they would become. They fought for love because it was the only thing that could keep them alive. They let it in and entered the long, challenging process of healing, then chose to gift that same process to others.

Whatever brings you here, welcome. If you are fighting for more love in your life, welcome. If you are standing up for others, welcome. If you seek or bring healing, welcome. In the middle of your seeking, in the middle of your growth, in the middle of the terror and rapture of becoming something so much larger – welcome.

Let us raise each other up.